They said what women want is true love, no, women want to eat everything without getting fat! #WRP #WRPCookies #ThisIsSoMe #서울
This is me. Jam segini suka laper. And this is my new favorite way to kill the hunger in a healthy way. Anyway, susu ini yummy bgt. Its only 200kkal b…
Penyelamatku bgt nih kalau lagi tiba2 laper di jalan! Cemilan enak & Rendah kalori #ThisIsSoMe #WRPeveryday
I just can't stop to eat this EVERYDAY!
Usually when I'm having a free time at home, my sweet tooth would force me to start eating snacks all day and night lol. With WRP Everyday Less Fa…
Working hard to be fit is sometimes challenging, especially when I'm lazy. But with the help of WRP, it's easier for me to get & …


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